Tai Chi 42



42 Tai Chi, also known as the International Competition Taijiquan Form, is a modern form of Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) created for international competitions. It was developed in the 1980s by a committee of Tai Chi experts from the Chinese Sports Commission in response to the increasing popularity of Tai Chi competitions.

The 42 Tai Chi form consists of 42 movements and is a combination of different Tai Chi styles, including Yang, Chen, Wu, and Sun. It is designed to showcase the principles and techniques of Tai Chi in a comprehensive and standardized manner.

The movements of the 42 Tai Chi form include a variety of techniques, such as punches, kicks, and jumps, in addition to the more traditional Tai Chi movements. It is a more challenging form than the Beijing 24 Tai Chi, and requires greater skill and athleticism to perform.

The 42 Tai Chi form is widely used in Tai Chi competitions and is recognized as the standard competition form by the International Wushu Federation. It is also taught in many Tai Chi schools and is often practiced as a way to improve fitness, balance, and overall well-being.


Names of the movements

1 Commencement
2 Grasp the bird’s tail
3 Single whip
4 Raise hands
5 White crane spreads its wings
6 Brush knee
7 Parry and strike with fi st
8 Pull back and press
9 Step forward, parry and punch
10 Apparent close-up
11 Open and close hands
12 Single whip
13 Fist under elbow
14 Turn and push
15 Jade lady works shuttles
16 Kick with heel
17 Conceal the hand and punch
18 Part the horse’s mane
19 Cloud hands
20 Step backwards and hit the tiger
21 Right toe kick
22 Punch tiger’s ears
23 Left toe kick
24 Turn body and slap the foot
25 Step forward and punch downward
26 Slant fl ying
27 Snake creeps down
28 Golden rooster stands on one leg
29 Step backward and thrust palm
30 Press palm down in empty stance
31 Hold palm up and stand on one Leg
32 Lean in horse stance
33 Turn body with full roll back
34 Grab and punch in resting stance
35 Snake creeps down and thread palms
36 Step forward and seven stars
37 Step backward and ride the tiger
38 Turn body with lotus kick
39 Draw the bow to shoot tiger
40 Grasp the bird’s tail
41 Cross hands
42 Close Off