Tai Chi 32 Sword



Tai Chi 32 Sword, also known as the 32-Posture Sword Form, is a form of Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) that incorporates the use of a sword. It is a traditional Tai Chi form that has been developed and refined over many centuries.

The Tai Chi 32 Sword form consists of 32 movements, each of which is performed while holding a straight sword. The movements include a range of sword techniques, such as cuts, thrusts, and parries, as well as Tai Chi movements like ward off, rollback, and press.

The Tai Chi 32 Sword form is a more advanced practice than the unarmed Tai Chi forms, and requires greater skill and focus. It is often practiced by experienced Tai Chi practitioners looking to deepen their understanding of Tai Chi principles and improve their balance, coordination, and concentration.

The Tai Chi 32 Sword form is also recognized as a competitive form and is used in Tai Chi sword competitions. It is a beautiful and graceful form that is both challenging and rewarding to practice.


Names of movements

Preparing Form
Starting Form
1 - Dragonfly touches the water 
2 - Big chief star
3 - Swallow skims over the water
4 - Carry the sword to the right side
5 - Carry the sword to the left side  
6 - Gauge the depth of the sea
7 - Hold the moon against the chest
8 - Resting bird enters the forest
9 - Split down the sword in empty stance
10 - Blue dragon out of water
11 - Wind blows the lotus leaf
12 - Lion shakes its head
13 - Tiger holds its head
14 - Wild horse jumps over the stream
15 - Lift sword in left empty stance
16 - Lift sword in right bow stance
17 - Shoot the wild geese
18 - White ape presents fruit
19 - Clean up dust in the wind - left side
20 - Clean up dust in the wind - right side
21 - Clean up dust in the wind - left side
22 - Push the boat downstream
23 - Shooting star chases the moon
24 - Swallow picks up mud with its beak
25 - Raise the screen
26 - Left wheel sword
27 - Right wheel sword
28 - Giant roc spreads its wings
29 - Swallow enters the nest
30 - Hold the moon against the chest
31 - Wind blows away the plum flowers
32 - Compass
The closing form