What is Tai Chi (Taijiquan) ?

Tai Chi is short for Taijiquan which is an ancient chines exercise based on martial arts that is promoting health, developing combat & self-defence skills, improves concentration, balance and overall well-being. It offers true harmony between body and mind.

Tai Chi is part of the Chinese martial arts (Wushu) and been practice since the many thousands of years. The essence of Tai Chi is the moving meditation which is translated into series of slow, gentle and tranquil movements which enable harmony between body and mind. The primary purpose is to cultivate your inner energy to flow smoothly and powerfully through the body.  All movements are slow and circular with controlled deep breathing that helps and improves mental concentration. All movements are equally balanced based on the well established chinese yin & yang theory, which is the unity of the opposite forces.

Tai Chi can be practice anywhere, anytime and has a big following around the world. It is becoming more an more popular because it can be practice even when you have challenges with your health. On the other hand it is also a competition sport with world championchips, which as demanding as any other sport.