This is one of my favourite books. It gives you a good insight into what it takes to become a fully committed taoist. It is an read which lots of details. It did motivated me to do further study into Taoism.



The Chronicles of Tao is a book written by Deng Ming-Dao that chronicles his experiences and insights gained while studying Taoism under various teachers in China during the 1970s. The book is divided into three parts, each representing a different stage in Deng Ming-Dao's spiritual journey.

The first part, titled "Seeking," describes Deng Ming-Dao's search for a teacher and a path to follow. He describes his early experiences with Taoism, including his first encounter with a Taoist priest, and his subsequent travels throughout China to meet with different teachers.

The second part, titled "Training," details Deng Ming-Dao's rigorous training in Taoist practices and philosophy under various teachers. He describes the physical and mental challenges he faced during his training, as well as the insights he gained into the nature of the Tao.

The third part, titled "Realization," describes Deng Ming-Dao's ultimate realization of the Tao and his subsequent efforts to integrate Taoism into his daily life. He discusses the challenges of living in the modern world while following the teachings of Taoism, and offers practical advice for others seeking to do the same.

Overall, The Chronicles of Tao is a fascinating and insightful exploration of Taoism, as well as a deeply personal account of one man's spiritual journey